The eternal metamorphosis of fashion illustration

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Fashion comes from the pencil stroke that gives life to creative genius. For this reason, the fashion illustration has ancient origins, just think of the sketches of Pisanello on parchment. But, when one gets into the subject, one immediately thinks of René Gruau, his long and thin designs and of expressionist poetry, which led him to collaborate with the most important magazines and great fashion houses, most notably the French Dior.

Often under attack by photography, in the 80s drawing starts to be assimilated to art tout court, becoming contaminated by the powerful charisma of Lorenzo Mattotti and the cubism of Zoltan. From the ’90s, with names like Cecilia Carlstedt and Edwina White, mixed techniques start to increasingly use new media, looking towards digital tools.

Fashion Research Italy supports this area that seems to live an eternal metamorphosis, collaborating with some of the most important illustrators of the current panorama. Starting from the iconic logo, designed by Alessandra Scandella who, thanks to a watercolor and Indian ink technique mix, highlighting her creative nature. Called to exhibit in prestigious international locations, including the The new dictionnairy of Italian fashion exhibition at the Triennale in Milan, Andrea Tatarella and Carolina Melis, are among the first protagonists of the FRI Illustration section in the bimonthly magazine of the Foundation.

FRI Illustration


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