FORWARD, the fashion of the future

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Fashion has many facets: it is a communication tool, a set of rules, an industrial and financial system. Fashion is also an intergenerational and interpersonal language, constantly evolving.

“The great thing about fashion Is that it always looks forward” wrote Oscar de la Renta.
But how does fashion evolve?
A seemingly simple question that can open different scenarios, described in FORWARD, the fourth issue of the FRI magazine.

We asked our guest companies of the Christmas issue Piquadro, Pollini and A.Testoni to describe the evolution of their respective languages. And the answers for all three could only be related to the technology acceleration.

The fashion system must in fact deal with the 4.0 industry, moving development planning towards integration and interconnection of data, computing power and interaction between man and machine, between real and virtual world.

Good luck!


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