Breakfast with Simone Guidarelli

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Fashion editor for some of the most famous fashion magazines including Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour Italy, collaborating with the most important photographers of the industry (from David Bailey, Patrick Demarchelier, Greg Lotus to Koto Bolofo), Simone Guidarelli is one of the most valued stylist in the fashion industry.

His Breakfasts have made him famous on social media: accurate and imaginative pictures, taken strictly between 7 and 7:30, with which he “fills the eyes with as many as possible images. All as if they were the last “.

This is how the idea of the section Breakfast with Simone took off. A collaboration of which the Foundation is very proud of, he is also author of a series of still life photos, shot exclusively with some of Fashion Research Italy Archive materials.
With irony and elegance that distinguish him, the stylist has, from time to time, interpreted the heritage of the Brandone Fund, composed of over 30,000 textile design drawings on paper and cloth, signed by the best Italian and foreign designers for the most known fashion houses and cataloged by FRI in a digital database, available for designers, creatives and scholars who wish to draw valuable inspiration.


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