# Spaces

The Fashion Research Italy Foundation opens its headquarters in Via del Fonditore 12 to companies from Emilia Romagna

2,000 sq. m of TEACHING AREA
Structured laboratories to accommodate all types of teaching methods supporting creative achievements of students and teachers. Over 120 workstations equipped with multimedia projectors and updated digital interaction tools.

3,000 sq. m of EXHIBITION AREA
Perfectly fitted out and equipped with latest technology.
Regularly used for gallery presentations of the research carried out by the talents of the Master in Design & Technology For Fashion Communication.

600 sq. m of ARCHIVES
An archive of over 20,000 drawings of Textile Design, on paper and fabric, heritage of inspiration, experimentation and cultural study.
A collection of about 5,000 books in support of the research and analysis of the students, teachers and professionals.

Spaces adaptable for conferences, seminars and shooting.

Where to view the future fashion shows.

3,000 sq. mof GREEN


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