More than fifty collectors with sample tests and color variations, sketches, mood boards that can be connected to finished products with a lot of communication material. This is part of the heritage, jealously guarded by the founders of the Emmanuel Schvili brand in almost fifty years of activity and donated to the Foundation.

The Emmanuel Schvili Fund is in the process of being inventoried, a fundamental phase to be able to subsequently prepare the cataloging. Only in this way the priceless Brand Heritage of the brand will be able to speak to the public. This work demonstrates the Foundation’s commitment to the conservation, interpretation and enhancement of industrial heritage in the manufacturing sector. The Fund will soon be available for consultation at the headquarters of Fashion Research Italy


A successful brand born from the passion for fashion of Emmanuel Schvili, passion cultivated since childhood in the family textile company and encouraged after meeting Giorgia Fioretti, his wife. Little by little the brand was able to impose itself on the Italian market, until the opening of the first flagship store in Milan in 1993.

  • 1969, the Emmanuel Schvili brand was founded in Bologna by the entrepreneur of the same and Giorgia Ferretti, who later became his wife;
  • 1970, the first women’s collection was presented at the Circolo della Stampa in Milan;
  • 1971, “the Emmanuel Schvili chemise” is born, a women’s shirt with a masculine form, also known as omino, for the first time made with feminine fabrics that soon became the first must of the Bolognese brand;
  • 1987, the Pettino shirt is born;
  • 1990, first cartoon license with Warner Bros distributed by Segreta
  • 1991, the first Junior collection is released;
  • 1993, the Cartoon project is born, dressing up for fun that will bring together more than 20 licenses.
    In the same year the first collection with Walt Disney license
  • 1993, opening of the first flagship store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan;
  • 1994, the first Baby collection is released
  • 1995, the brand acquires new licenses (Space Jam,101 Dalmatians …)
  • Licensor of the year of Walt Disney, they win the Golden Mickey Mouse;
  • 1998 the home line is created, presented with the first collection at Pitti Casa in Florence;
  • 1999, first The Simpson license and creation of the men’s sports line;
  • 2007, co-branding with Superga and Blondie license;
  • 2009, co-branding with Sniff The Shirt;
  • 2010, co-branding with K-way and partnership with COIN.


Italian embroidery is the best, why should we go abroad? We have always wanted to support local technical excellence, which has no comparisons.

the Schvilis explain. Pursuing this belief, the brand has made use of embroidery and applications, the result of a passionate material research, its distinctive trait.
Baguette beads; rocailles beads; cascades of sequins of all sizes and colors; sophisticated embroidery stitches; hand finishes; precious applications; short and long trimmings, high and low and then jacquard prints and knitwear. We could continue like this, so rich is the creative world of the brand.

The result of the commitment of the owners and founders of the brand is a funny-chic mix characterized by the continuous search for new materials and innovative effects.


Anticipating the current trend of a light-hearted and ironic fashion, in 1990 Emmanuel Schvili started the Cartoon project, dressing up for fun. Thanks to the licenses acquired by Warner Bros, Walt Disney and other famous cartoons such as Space Jam, The Simpsons and 101 Dalmatians, their iconic characters are printed, embroidered and reproduced with the most diverse creative solutions on clothing and accessories, characterizing the trend of the 80s and 90s.

And that’s how Mickey Mouse, progenitor of the lineage, but also Donald Duck, Minnie, Sylvester and Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Taz, Porky Pig and many other animated icons emerge on soft sweaters, T-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes and bags that become glamorous and sophisticated for the first time, in a nutshell “fashionable”.
The success of the Disney embroidery was such that in 1995 they earned him the Golden Mickey Mouse as licensee of the year and, with the acquisition of new licenses, in the following years they were declared sector leaders in Italy with several flagship stores.

Over the seasons, even the most famous designers did not resist the inspiration of cartoons, proposing their idea of pop fashion on the catwalks. Above all, Jeremy Scott, Moschino’s creative director, launched the Looney Tunes collection for the 2015-2016 fall-winter season, all inspired by the most famous and beloved cartoons.

Founded in Bologna in 1969, pursuing the belief of wanting to always support the local technical excellence, the Emmanuel Schvili brand imposed itself on the Italian market. It opens its first store in 1993, in Milan.
Anticipating today’s trend of a light-hearted and ironic fashion, in 1990 Emmanuel Schvili starts the Cartoon project, dressing up for fun. Thanks to collaborations, first with Warner Bross (1990) and later with Walt Disney (1993), he made the notorious characters glamorous and sophisticated for the for the first time ever. A success that in 1995 earned him the Golden Mickey Mouse as licensee of the year.

The brand is not only cartoons, but much more. As a matter of fact, there are many capsules and collaborations with important brands, from Superga to K-Way.
A priceless heritage that the Foundation is making an inventory of, preparing for its cataloging, so to preserve and enhance it to its fullest. Thanks to the generosity of the Schvili family, once made accessible at the headquarters, it will be a valuable lesson for the new creative generations.

The fascinating Betty Boop character revived in many embroideries originated from the creativity of Emmanuel and Giorgia Schvili.

1993, Walt Disney’s imaginative visions meet Emmanuel Schvili’s funny-chic taste.

The exhilarating world of Looney Tunes turn to fashion thanks to jacquard, embroidery and hand-finished prints (License Warner Bros since 1990)

Attention to detail and material research, characteristics of the brand since 1969.


The brand, however, is not just cartoon, but also much more. In fact, there are many co-branding activities with historical companies in the Italian fashion scene.

  • Superga love design. Designers love Superga
    Among the big names in Italian design that have collaborated on the 2007 Superga project, also Emmanuel Schvili, who has reinterpreted the most classic models with the application of multicolor crystals, stones, beads and embroidery;
  • Capsule Collection with K-Way
    In 2010, the myth of the raincoat became the symbol of practicality thanks to the ability to occupy little space by folding itself into a pocket and was revisited by the irreverent and exuberant touch of Emmanuel Schvili. The most essential of the raincoats is enriched with décor details, embroidery and applications of studs and crystals.


Designs, mood boards, technical tests and finished garments that cover the ironic and elegant history of the Emmanuel Schvili brand since 1969 will soon be available to new generations of students and fashion creatives as a source of inspiration and information in both history of embroidery as also that of the Emilia Romagna manufacture.

For further information, those interested in deepening their knowledge on Brand Heritage of the Emmanuel Schvili Fund, may request an appointment with the Archival department at the headquarters of the Fashion Research Italy Foundation in Bologna.
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