Between the so-called Fast Fashion and other brands, the difference is made by the “roots” that in technical language would be defined as the tradition of the brand.

More and more brands today direct their energies on the establishment of business museums and archives, to preserve their own history. Only by cataloging and organizing the heritage, can this be studied and become a source of inspiration for new products. Therefore, through the strategies of Brand Heritage and Heritage marketing, the history of fashion companies is enhanced.

With this in mind, Fashion Research Italy has decided to give life to the Fashion Photography Archive project to help fashion companies digitize their physical business archives, if they already exist, or to establish them by cataloging and filing the material conserved over the years.


Along with greater cultural literacy of its own past, the endless possibilities of the web are being organized, with increasingly numerous databases aimed at preserving the duly filed fashion product. However, a database that tells the story of the single brand through advertising photographs is missing.

Fashion Photography Archive commences like this, a non-profit cultural project aimed at creating a virtual archive of fashion photographs that responds to the need to reconstruct and disseminate the history of brands through an instrument able to tell the heritage of values matured by men, skills and culture.

The attention that the Foundation places on communication has oriented the idea that the first nucleus of the database should be made up of campaign photographs that, as a meeting point between photographic style, commercial obligations and creative vision, condense the whole company in the delicate balance of weaving its own image made of tradition and innovation with attention focused on the perception of the final customer.

In fact, fashion photographs are more than just a piece in the consumer sector and they benefit from a set of professional skills in which the photographer is only the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks to the generosity of the companies, the platform is over time enriching with a series of information and communication materials (from press releases, to catalogs, to look books, videos) organized by means of a tree catalog that makes the relationship between the different elements that contribute to the narration of the brand’s history clear and of easy consultation.

Fashion Photography Archive is therefore taking shape as part of a broad structure whose cataloging order corresponds to that of the original entities (the companies that have joined the project), to constitute a virtual space in which to connect and create membership even inside the real community.


The archive thus enters the network, rather it arises in the network because it is the Foundation’s conviction that the conservation of company products is intimately connected to communication and changes, in means and ends, brought by modern technologies.

The advantage that the archive draws from the encounter with the virtual world is undoubted: the increase in functionality of consultation is an aspect of primary importance both for those who approach it, for study reasons, and for the company, which draws benefit for internal and external communication.

The establishment of this digital database, technologically supported by Promemoria di Torino, is the result of the coordination of numerous skills. In addition to the work of the Foundation and the companies, there is in fact the valid and motivated support of the trainees of the University of Bologna engaged in cataloging the materials of the Maisons that have until now joined the project, including Les Copains, La Perla, Furla, WP Lavori in Corso, Aeffe Group (Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Jeremy Scott, Pollini, Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini) and Borbonese.


Fashion Photography Archive is a non-profit cultural project, born from the will of the Foundation to enhance Brand Heritage of the fashion excellencies of the Emilia-Romagna region as a tool for business development.
The project joins and integrates with the company’s archiving systems, if already existing, or it is proposed as a valid platform to constitute them, in the awareness that without an ordered and cataloged archive it is not possible to face the challenges of the near future.

Companies interested in deepening the opportunity offered by the photographic archive can request an appointment with the Archives and exhibition department of the Fashion Research Italy Foundation.


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